To offer quality care for life, at a fair price to our valued clients and their pets. 

To treat our staff with respect, provide training, and inspire them to fulfil their career goals.


To provide an excellent veterinary service to clients and pets in West Cumbria.


To create a happy working environment with job satisfaction for our valued staff.

Our group of highly skilled and hardworking vets and nurses share three core values:


You can trust us to be honest, transparent and realistic in our communications with you.
We will never sell you products you don’t need or prolong treatment unnecessarily. 

The Vet Whitehaven team has over thirty years of experience in general practice and we work hard to keep our knowledge, treatments and equipment up to date.


At The Vet Whitehaven we understand the importance to pet owners of being able to build a lasting relationship with their veterinary group. 

Our small team means we will become familiar faces to you and your pet.
It is important to us that our practice feels warm and welcoming to you and your pets.

Inevitably there will be times of sadness and stress, but we will always be here for you, to offer comfort and advice with sensitivity.


We aim to earn our place as a beating heart in the Whitehaven community.

Being a small company ourselves we will support Cumbrian businesses, and employ locally where we can.
We will also support local charities and neighbourhood initiatives and welcome visitors whose pets may need veterinary care.

As a practice we will strive to improve sustainability, reducing waste and recycling where possible.
In line with this commitment, our aim will also be to help educate local children in environmental awareness, including care and respect for animals and wildlife.