Vet and nurse appointments are available at The Vet Whitehaven during weekdays and Saturday mornings.  Whether your pet has an itch, a limp, sickness or need their nails clipped, our vets and nurses have got your pet covered.
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Seeing the vet

Whether you are visiting with a new pet or if your animal is due an annual health check and booster, the vet will conduct a physical examination and answer any concerns you may have.

If an aspect of your pet’s health or behaviour becomes worrying to you, a full clinical consultation with the vet will be arranged, where we can take a complete history and examine your pet thoroughly, with additional laboratory and/or imaging tests available if required.

If your pet is receiving long term medication for ongoing health issues, we do need to see them regularly to make sure their condition is being well managed and to update treatment plans as necessary.

At The Vet Whitehaven, we offer 3 care plans: The Vet Club, The Vet Club 365 and The Vet Check-Up 365.  Each plan is specifically designed to meet you and your pet’s different needs.  Please explore The Vet Club to find out more!

Emergencies will happen, and when they do… we are here for you!

At The Vet Whitehaven, our nurses and vets are all highly trained to ensure the optimum care when your pet has a crisis.

We offer 24/7 cover 365 days a year and will be on hand at any time of day or night for your pet’s emergency.

Seeing the nurse

Our nurses are trained to give both nutritional and exercise advice, as well as offering free clinics to help your pet achieve its ideal weight and body condition.

We all know how obesity seriously impacts on health –  but becoming a slimmer, trimmer pet IS achievable with the support and encouragement of our caring nursing team! 

Tooth and gum problems are all too common in small animals and often alert us to underlying disease, so we offer a free dental check up.

The nurse can advise on preventative oral hygiene and discuss whether a ‘scale and polish’ or more complex dental work might be needed.

A simple procedure but one that some pets dread….using patience, bribery and a little team work, our nurses are great at taking the angst out of a manicure!

Another visit that can be stressful… but our sympathetic nurses have a gentle touch and give advice on management of recurrent anal gland issues.

Our nurses love meeting new puppies and kittens and can’t wait to cuddle your bundle of joy! 

You may have a few questions about caring for the latest member of your family and our nurses are happy to give reassurance and guidance.

If you are thinking of getting a pet and are not sure which species or breed would suit your circumstances, do come and chat to our nurses who can make suggestions and guide you in the right direction, either in person or over the telephone.

Elderly pets deserve more frequent check-ups, so that we can catch any problems early.

Our nurses run discounted senior health checks where they examine your pet, keep a record of body weight and offer advice to maximise a long and happy life.  If our nurses have any concerns, they will refer you and your pet to one of our vets for a separate consultation.

Choosing the best pet food is often confusing due to the variety of brands and formulations on general sale.

The Vet Whitehaven are a huge fan of Virbac Veterinary HPM®, a new generation of dog food, created to be closer to the nutritional needs of carnivores.  This unique new product range is based on a low carbohydrate and high protein formulation. 

Our vets and nurses have the experience and training to help you match the type of pet food, and the amount fed, to meet the needs of the individual animal.

Before any operation, we will give your pet a physical examination, record body weight and often take a blood sample to check suitability for anaesthesia. We can discuss any concerns you may have at this stage, before we book the procedure.

After surgery or dental work, the nurse will conduct a post-operative check. We can do this in person or, for minor procedures, by phone/email or video call consultation, if it makes your life easier and reduces stress for your pet.

We are a small team, so home visits are difficult to organise when we have patients in hospital that need our attention, in addition to on-going consultations and operations.

Home visits are available in special circumstances, but we must emphasise that it is usually in the pet’s best interest that they are seen at the practice, where all medication, equipment and skilled staff are on hand.

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