Facilities at The Vet Whitehaven

Whilst renovating our beautiful historic building to a high standard, we have carefully planned the new layout to promote stress-free visits for yourselves and your pets.

We have a large car park, including a designated parking bay close to the front entrance for anyone who needs a helping hand.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know prior to your appointment or when you arrive if you have any special requirements to access our practice.

By booking your appointment with our vet or nurse in advance, we can keep waiting time to a minimum, and while you are visiting, we want you and your pet to be as comfortable and happy as possible.

If you would rather wait in the car park, phone in to reception on arrival and we will come out, to accompany you inside for your appointment.

Designated waiting areas

At The Vet Whitehaven, we have designed our waiting area to give our visiting cats a quiet and snug corner away from dogs.

Instead of placing the cat basket on the floor, where cats feel vulnerable and anxious, baskets can be positioned at height on our tiered shelving.

There are covering blankets and ambient aerosols of ‘Feliway’ and pet remedy to enhance that relaxing mood.

Anxious animals

You know your pet best, so tell us in advance if there is something specific which we can do to help keep the vet visit as stress free as possible.

By telling us in advance, we can meet your needs as best we can.  We can always allow you to bypass the seated area and enter a consultation room via a separate entrance.

At The Vet Whitehaven, we have 3 consulting rooms which are accessed off the main corridor.

A nurse and a vet have one each and the generously sized, third consulting room benefits from a second door leading directly outside.

This discrete entrance/exit can be used for clients bringing nervous dogs in and out and for the sad occasions when you have said a final goodbye to your much loved pet and wish for privacy as you leave.

We have invested in top quality imaging equipment as valuable, additional diagnostic aids:-

Digital X-ray

We can produce clear radiological images in minutes with our advanced digital machine. 


We have sourced a superior quality device on the recommendation of a specialist ultrasonographer.

Dental suite

Dogs and cats

The Vet Whitehaven are proud to be the first in West Cumbria to offer a specific pet dental X-ray facility.  Radiography of the teeth and surrounding bone is now considered ‘Best Practice’, for a safe and successful outcome to both routine and complex dental procedures.

Whether your pet is booked in for a routine ‘scale and polish’, or they need to have some teeth removed, we have the full range of equipment to ensure your pet receives the most appropriate care.

Rabbits and other small furries

The teeth of rodents grow continually and sometimes wear down abnormally to form painful spurs, which can damage the soft tissues of the mouth.

We have a full dental kit to allow proper examination of the oral cavity and for the removal of sharp overgrowths.


Some birds have problems with overgrown beaks which can cause eating issues.  We have the equipment to help your feathered friends if they have a problem.

Operating Theatre

The operating theatre at The Vet Whitehaven has been carefully designed to a high standard. Our vets are competent surgeons who offer a wide range of surgeries,  from routine neutering to more complex procedures.


We know how important it is for you to be informed quickly about the result of lab tests, so we use our own diagnostic machines for most assays.

We are able to process blood and urine samples rapidly to give you the results the same day – often in just a few hours.

Biopsies are posted to an efficient external laboratory which provides specialist advice and interpretation when required.

We also have a state-of-the-art microscope, which is great for cytology evaluation and identification of both internal and external parasites.  Attached to the microscope is a HD viewing screen to allow us to teach our students and discuss findings with our clients.

We understand the anxiety your pet may feel when they are with us, so we try to reduce stress levels in order to promote a smooth and uncomplicated recovery.

We have constructed our hospital kennels and cages so that dogs and cats are in separate distinct wards.

Within the wards we have given careful thought to positioning, so that dogs do not face each other and cats are given warmth, peace and privacy.

In each ward we have species specific pheromone plug-in diffusers and keep external noise to a minimum. 

We have an isolation kennel if we need to hospitalise a potentially infectious patient, where they can be cared for by barrier nursing.

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Book and appointment with one of our vets or nurses. In an emergency, please phone 01946 878108.


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